Exciting Opportunity for Young Enthusiasts: Join the Youth Judging Program at the Sandhills Motoring Expo!

The Sandhills Motoring Expo, in partnership with Hagerty, is thrilled to announce a unique opportunity for children ages 8-14 to participate in the Concours in the Village as Youth Judges. This innovative program is an Expo highlight, offering young enthusiasts the chance to engage with classic and modern cars and be a part of the judging process.

The Youth Judging Program invites children to step into the role of judges as they assess a select group of five, hand pciked cars at the Concours in the Village. Guided by experts from Hagerty, youth judges have the opportunity to interact with car owners, inspect the magnificent machines up close, and ultimately select their favorites based on predetermined criteria.

“We are very happy that Hagerty brings the Youth Judging Program to the Sandhills Motoring Expo,” said Expo Commissioner, Chris Smith. “We believe in fostering the next generation of automotive enthusiasts and providing them with unique opportunities to learn and engage with car culture. The Youth Judging Program allows children to develop a deeper appreciation for automotive heritage while having fun at the same time.”

The program is limited to 10 children between the ages of 8 and 14, ensuring a personalized experience for each participant. Hagerty provides official judging gear, including T-shirts and hats, to all Youth Judges, along with guidance and support to help them understand the vehicles and evaluation criteria.

If you know of a young person who would be interested in participating in the Youth Judging Program on Sunday morning, May 26th, please contact us online to reserve a spot. Don’t miss this chance for children to be a part of the excitement at the Sandhills Motoring Expo and experience the thrill of being a Youth Judge!