Sandhills Motoring Festival Transforms into Sandhills Motoring Expo Under New Leadership

Pinehurst, NC — 01.24.2024 — The Sandhills Motoring Festival (SMF) announced a transformation as it re-brands itself to the Sandhills Motoring Expo. This strategic evolution marks a new era for the annual automotive extravaganza as it looks to the future with fresh vision.

After years of dedicated service, SMF President Marvin Waters has made the decision to shift his focus to other career pursuits. Waters, who founded SMF with Steve Redwine and Bill Faison in 2018, helped shape the festival’s success which has become synonymous with automotive excellence and community engagement.

Stepping into the leadership role is Chris Smith, the founder of the Sandhills Motoring Club, and now the Expo Commissioner. Chris’s passion for the motoring culture and his profound commitment to the community make him the ideal candidate to spearhead this exciting new chapter.

“The Sandhills Motoring Expo will build upon the strong foundation laid by SMF and elevate the experience to new heights,” says Chris Smith. “We are committed to preserving the essence of past years while introducing exciting innovations that will captivate both enthusiasts and the broader community.”

The Sandhills Motoring Expo, slated to take place over Memorial Day Weekend, will continue to feature the signature events that have made it a beloved tradition. Attendees can expect a showcase of exquisite automobiles, thrilling exhibitions, and a celebration of motoring culture that transcends generations.

As the Expo Commissioner, Chris Smith brings a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of what makes the Sandhills Motoring community unique. “I am honored to lead the Sandhills Motoring Expo into this new era. Our team is dedicated to delivering an unparalleled experience that will delight motoring enthusiasts and create lasting memories for years to come.”

The Sandhills Motoring Expo extends its heartfelt gratitude to Marvin Waters for his outstanding contributions and welcomes Chris Smith with optimism for the future. For the latest updates and information about the Sandhills Motoring Expo, please visit

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The Sandhills Motoring Expo is an annual celebration of automotive excellence and motoring culture. Founded with a commitment to community engagement, the Expo brings together enthusiasts and the broader public for a memorable experience over Memorial Day Weekend. For more information, visit

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